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I can’t stop laughing!

This is really funny! I’m sitting here at my desk with tears in my eyes and start laughing every time I think about what this guy just said. I try to listen to it over again and can’t hear him because I start to laugh when I know he is going to say it. My daughter just came out of her room because she, “heard someone crying.” That’s me folks and I can’t stop laughing.

Ding fries are done!

Becky and I just got back from seeing the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and now I’ve got this song stuck in my head. The only way to get the song out of my head is to put it into someone else’s head. Click on the song Christmas Eve in Sarajevo.

After you listen to that, listen to the Youtube version.

Good luck getting it out of your head!

Twisted CHRISTmas

Could it be? Twisted Sister singing Oh Come All Ye Faithful? Not only that, but it looks like they have a whole album of CHRISTmas carols. Check out Twisted Sister’s web site. This would make an interesting stocking stuffer.