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Getting To Know A Jehovah’s Witness Pioneer

Handshake drawingI attended the annual “Lord’s Evening Meal” of Jehovah’s Witnesses this year (21014) and met a man afterwards who offered to answer some of my questions. He observed that I was a “thinker” and insisted that he loves to answer hard questions. This will hopefully be the beginning of months of fruitful conversations. I did the same thing last year with a Jehovah’s Witness Elder. He dropped me after 11 months so now my schedule is freed up a bit to meet with this new Jehovah’s Witness. Although he is also an elder, I will call this new series, “A Conversation With A Jehovah’s Witness Pioneer.” A Pioneer is a Witness who puts in roughly 70 hours of “field service” per month. They keep a time card and everything. Yeah.

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