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A CHRISTmas Thought

CHRISTmas 2008 is now past and we are currently in that awkward “in-between” time of CHRISTmas and New Year’s eve. The Holy-day season is not over, yet it doesn’t feel quite right to continue to listen to CHRISTmas music. Our family is still trying to hang on to the spirit of the season as we began a new family tradition.

Starting this year, our family will watch A CHRISTmas Carol at least once during the CHRISTmas season. I’m partial to the 1984 version with George C. Scott.
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Our two oldest kids are six and seven so we had to answer a bunch of questions about the story.

Are the ghosts good or bad?”
“Why is the ‘first spirit’ really the second one to appear?”
“How were those two kids underneath the robe of the second spirit really the kids of Mr. Scrooge?”
“Was tiny Tim a Christian?”
“Do we have any more popcorn left?”
“How heavy were those chains?”
“How can Mr. Scrooge see his body under the covers if he is already in his body?”

As the kids get older, I’m sure the questions will become more profound.

I was reminded this morning through a YouTube video that we are to keep the spirit of CHRISTmas in our hearts all through the year. The following video is a very neat little way to get people to think about what is inside of them. Enjoy the video and remember to let the spirit of the Holy-days continue to influence your life all through the year.

Walker Family Pictures 2008

As is our custom, we had our annual family pictures taken recently. This is a bit late in the year for us, but we wanted to wait a few months and make sure that our youngest child could be a little more responsive. We use to take the pictures at Sears, but we switched to Portrait Innovations last year. I absolutely LOVE the idea of getting a CD of every single picture that was taken during our session. The following is a small sampling of the 82 pictures that we taken.

Extra Hole In The Head Boy!

Our son finally lost his first tooth! He is pretty excited about the extra hole in his head.
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Our Daughter’s First Ballet Recital

A post from Becky-

Thursday night was the first dress rehearsal for our daughter’s first real ballet recital. It was a situation where moms were not allowed backstage, the staff of the SA Parks and Recreation along with the dance teachers stayed with the kids. I told our daughter before we left that she would be backstage for a long time just waiting with the girls from her class, so she could pack a little backpack of things to do, maybe crayons and coloring books to share. Totally on her own, she chose a Bible out of our kids Bible basket and said she wanted to take a Bible with to tell stories about Jesus. Of course, I did not object!

After rehearsal when I picked her up, I immediately started talking to her and encouraging her regarding how well she danced for their number. She was excited and said thank you, but then she started telling me how she had been reading Bible stories to some of her friends. She told me she had asked them if they loved Jesus. She also told me she talked to them about heaven and going there and also about about hell and how it was called the lake of fire and how her brother thinks there must be fire ants there who bite a lot and how you had to trust Jesus to forgive your sins. She told me that while she was talking, it was just a few girls from her class, but then more girls from other classes started coming over too and sitting in the group and listening. Her eyes looked the most excited when she said, “Mommy, it felt like the whole world was listening!” This made me more proud than any turn or tutu ever could!

“Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman (or girl) who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

Here is the whole ballet number.

Not Your Normal Back Flip

Here is a video of me coming down the big slide at Mo-Ranch.

Two more videos of our family playing with a Texas Turtle.