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Jesus; God’s Heretic – The Back Door To the Deity of Christ


Jesus, who do you think you are?

It is finally here! Back in October of this year I was invited to speak at the 35th annual Witnesses Now For Jesus Convention in New Ringgold, Pennsylvania. I have spoken many times on the deity of Christ before, but this time I wanted to do so from a completely different angle. As I would read through scripture, certain verses would jump out at me. These verses were not the normal ones Christians use to prove the deity of Christ because they are not direct claims, but these verses contain some pretty bold declarations. Claims that would seem arrogant, egotistical or crazy if made by anyone else in history.

One of my favorite techniques to use when witnessing is to assume the validity of the opposite of my position. In other words, for the sake of argument, I am assuming that I am wrong and the person I am witnessing to is right. If the other person’s view is correct, then what is the logical conclusion of their argument? If their conclusion leads us to absurdity, then their argument is invalid and the opposite position is true. The technique is called the Reductio ad absurdum. Read More …

Every Former Jehovah’s Witness Needs To See This video

WNFJ 2013 at Blue Mountain Christian Retreat

I spent this past weekend at the 35th annual “Witnesses Now For Jesus Convention” in beautiful New Ringgold, PA. I have been attending this convention since the late 90′s and have had the honor and privilege of speaking there six times. The convention is always one of the highlights of my year and this year was no exception. In fact, it was one of the best and most memorable ones ever.

I met a bunch of new friends, some of whom I am connect with on facebook and some of whom I was not. One of the former Witnesses I met is Melissa Bramer. She is a die-hard Green bay Packer fan, a very talented videographer and has a powerful testimony of how she came to Christ. The following video is one of her creations and needs to be seen by everyone who has ever been adversely affected by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Read More …

Witnesses Now For Jesus 2007 Report

Becky and I attended the Witnesses Now For Jesus convention last weekend in Colorful Pennsylvania and had a wonderful time. There is a lot to report, but I can’t get into much of it now. We took numerous pictures and are currently working on a very cool project that we will post here once we get it finished.

One thing I will report now is that there was one man who was raised as a JW who made a profession for Christ. The Sunday of the convention was the very first time that he has ever participated in communion. We were honored to share with him in this glorious event. Praise God for His grace!

Witnesses Now For Jesus Convention

In the morning we leave for New Ringgold, Pennsylvania for the 2007 WNFJ convention. We will be staying at the Blue Mountain Christian Retreat center. We look forward to meeting new friends and reconnect with some old ones. There will be many wonderful testimonials and teachings from some great speakers.

This year I’ll be speaking during the Sunday service and have the privilege of conducting the communion service. If you know anything about JWs, they are forbidden to partake of the emblems. This fact alone makes this service very special as there is a good chance that there will be someone partaking for the very first time. I’ll report once I get back. If you would like to read more about the convention check out the PFO web site. There is also a pdf of the schedule.

New Teaching Audio File- What’s in a name? Pronunciation or Reputation?

Back in October, Becky and I went to the Witnesses Now For Jesus convention. I had the privilege of presenting on the topic of the Divine Name and what exactly that means. It was well received.

Some friends of ours in the ministry placed the audio on their web site. You can either listen to it online or save it on your computer and listen to it later. Feel free to share your comments here.