I can’t stop laughing!

This is really funny! I’m sitting here at my desk with tears in my eyes and start laughing every time I think about what this guy just said. I try to listen to it over again and can’t hear him because I start to laugh when I know he is going to say it. My daughter just came out of her room because she, “heard someone crying.” That’s me folks and I can’t stop laughing.

6 thoughts on “I can’t stop laughing!”

  1. It’s hilarious in a “I’m glad that wasn’t me” sort of way. Poor guy. My dad was a Baptist preacher and he once did an entire sermon on Gideon’s Army. Great sermon except for the fact that he continually referred to it as “Gilligan’s Army.” It wasn’t until the end of the sermon, when the congregation couldn’t stop from laughing that he realized his mistake. lol

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