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First Shots With My New Springfield XD

This past Sunday I went to the gun show to look for another Springfield XD 9mm. I managed to find what I was looking for and was pleased to see that it came with night sites. Since most attacks happen at night, having night sites is an important thing to consider for home defense purposes. The good thing for me was that I spent less money than I did three years ago on this second XD with night sites than I did on my first gun without them.

I didn’t get a chance to go out to the range to shoot it until yesterday. I decided to take both guns so that I could do some comparison. The slide show below will help tell my story. As you see the pictures slide by, put your mouse over the picture and they will pause as a caption appears. All shots were taken at 21 feet.

#1 This picture is a bit blurry, but that is because I was in a completely dark closet. The sights don’t look much different from any other sights in the artificially created light of the flash on my camera.

#2 With the flash off, all you can see are the three dots of the sights. Make sure to pause this picture as the front sight will brighten up a bit.

#3 My fist shot with my new XD. I hit the bulls-eye, but not exactly where I was aiming.

#4 The first five shots still found their mark, but they are a bit too high and right from where I was aiming.

#5 After 50 shots, I am beginning to wonder if my sights are off just a tad. The gun is consistent all right with an nice two inch group, but I adjusted my last 20 or so shots by aiming a little low and to the left.

#6 Here is where it starts to get interesting. Since I was unsure of my sights on my new XD, I decided to take five shots at the top number seven with my old XD. As you can see, my old XD is dead on at seven yards.

#7 Here is a close up of those last five shots. The number seven is small enough to be completely covered by a dime.

That is some pretty good shooting, even if I say so myself! The bad news is, I am not as accurate with my new XD. I decided to do some further tests just to make sure that I wasn’t extremely lucky with my old XD.

#8 I placed a “Shoot-n-see” on the left of the target and took five shots with my New XD. I hit it twice, but missed three times.

#9 I decided to take five more shots, but this time I used my old XD. I wasn’t as accurate with these five shots as I was while shooting at the number seven, but you can still see that the shots with my old XD are a bit closer.

#10 Five more shots at another “Shoot-n-see” with my new XD. All misses.

#11 Five More shots with my old XD. Three hits and two misses.

OK, it is now obvious that I am more accurate with my old XD than I am with my new one. When I got home, I took a closer look at my new XD and noticed the following.

#12-13 Here is a comparison of the front sight on my old and then my new XD. As you can see, the front sight does not sit flush on the top of the slide.

#14-17 The same is true with the rear sights. They do not sit completely flush on the top of the slide.

That would explain my shots being a bit high, but it would not explain why my shots tend to drift to the right. I am a left handed shooter so my shots tend to go right anyway, but how do I explain my dead on accuracy with my old XD and the wider grouping on my news XD? Are the sights really off on the new gun or am I just more comfortable shooting my old XD? I’m open to hearing if anyone has any ideas.

If your browser does not show the slide show, then just click View All Images.

Better Than Ballet

Our daughter really likes ballet. She is one of the younger girls in her class, but is learning quickly. She is constantly walking around the house doing ballet moves and poses. She will even do them in public when she gets bored. She has been taking lessons on Saturday mornings and looks forward to it every week.

For some reason there were no ballet classes today, so I decided we would do something different. Becky and I bought a BB/pellet gun for the kids for CHRISTmas and I thought today was a good day for them to learn how to shoot it. I want to teach the kids gun safety and how to shoot and starting at an early age is a good way to make sure it sticks. I look forward to taking them to the range with me when they get older.

We got the BB gun out and I went over the four rules of gun safety. I added an additional rule that I said was rule #1, the gun is not a toy. After I had the kids repeat the rules back to me, we took an old phone book and placed it up against our back yard fence. I set up three coke cans in front of the phone book and we each took a few shots at about five yards. I think our son did a little better than our daughter did, although I am proud of both of them. The thing that I really liked hearing was what our daughter said after we were done shooting. “Daddy, that was more fun than ballet.”

How’d you do that?

Look at the picture and then read below for a conversation that happened at the shooting line. This is 50 rounds at seven yards with my Springfield XD-9.

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The guy said, “How’d you do that?”

I replied, “I had a bad site picture.”

It Could Never Happen To Me

It could never happen to me,
Yet I put on my seat belt anyway.

It could never happen to me,
But I teach my kids not to talk to strangers.

It could never happen to me,
yet I lock my car doors anyway.

It could never happen to me,
but I look both ways before I cross the street.

It could never happen to me,
But I teach my children not to take candy from people unless they have Mommy and Daddy’s permission.

It could never happen to me,
But I keep emergency numbers next to my telephone.

It could never happen to me,
Yet I keep a first aid kit in my car trunk.

It could never happen to me,
But I keep matches, lighters and candles away from my children.

It could never happen to me,
But I keep the doors to my house locked at all times.

It could never happen to me,
Yet I never leave food cooking unattended

It could never happen to me,
Yet I never leave a space heater on when I go to sleep.

It could never happen to me,
But I never give out my social security number over the Internet.

It could never happen to me,
Yet here I am behind an overturned table with no means to protect myself…

I should have learned from Virginia Tech,

But I never thought it could happen to me.

Virgina Tech- College Columbine

I am grieved to hear of the events that happened yesterday at Virginia Tech. I had my TV on most of the day listening to Fox News. When I first heard about the news, the death count was 21. Now it is at 33 including the demented young man who decided to go on this rampage. This is now the deadliest shooting in American history.

I could talk about why the campus wasn’t closed after the first shooting. I could talk about how a year prior to the shooting the State of Virginia killed bill allowing handguns on campuses. I could talk about those things, but I will not. There are plenty of other blogs and news sites who can articulate on those ideas better than I can. I don’t quite know what to say other than our family is praying for those whose lives are forever change by this attack.