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Mormon Student Refuses To “Step on Jesus.”

We have reached an interesting time in our society when we get most of our news from social media. I was combing through my facebook feed and noticed someone had posted a headline reading, “FAU student says he was suspended for not ‘stepping on Jesus.’I thought to myself, “What crazy, liberal garbage is this?” I am a sucker for crazy, liberal garbage. As is my custom, I found a couple of resources reporting on the same story. I like to see what multiple sources report as there is always more information to be found with more research.

After reading the reports and watching the interview of the student, I just had to call it as I see it. I left this comment on the CBS12 News page which reported the story. Read More …

Mormons, Homosexuals and the Boy Scouts of America

Roughly two years ago we decided to give the Cub scouts a try. Our oldest son had played tee-ball for a number of seasons, but my wife Becky and I didn’t think it was a great fit for him. He had the basics of baseball down and learned the value of teamwork, but the game just didn’t excite him the way it does other kids. Becky thought that maybe something a little more “out-doorsy” would better fit his personality so she did some research and found a Christian troop that we wanted to look into.

When we first met with the leader of the local troop, we wanted to know more about the “Christian” aspect of the troop. We knew that many Mormons are into scouting so we wanted to know if they were included under the umbrella of “Christian.” We were happy to learn that as a Christian troop, anyone could join it, but leadership positions were reserved only for those who attend Christian churches. Because of the doctrine of the Mormon Church, it cannot rightly be named “Christian” so members of that church would be ineligible for leadership positions within the troop. That answer satisfied us. We told our son that he could either do baseball or scouts, but we would not do both. We decided to give the Boy Scouts a year long trial. He enjoyed it so much that we are now back for our second year. Read More …

An Open Letter to Billy Graham Regarding Mitt Romney and Mormonism

Billy Graham,

I want to thank you for your many years of serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You came to Rochester, New York in September of 1988. A friend invited me to the crusade and I went three times that week. On Friday evening the 16th, I surrendered my life to Christ at the Crusade and have been serving Him since. A short time after I was saved, a couple of Jehovah’s Witness ladies came to my door and challenged my new faith. That incident led me to become a missionary to Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons. My wife and I founded Evidence Ministries in 1992 and I have been a full-time missionary to these two cults since 1999.

This morning I read an online article which stated that you endorsed Mitt Romney, and then your ministry took down some information from your web site which describes Mormonism as a cult. The article can be read here. Read More …

#44 How Patriotic Are Mormons? Quick Questions For Mormons

Are Mormons really patriotic?  Not if your 1st amendment rights to freedom of religion and free speech are practiced around a Mormon temple.

Feel free to rate, comment and share my Quick Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons with to others. Thanks again and God bless you for HIS glory!

ACLU Backs Freedom of Speech in Brigham City, Utah. Mormonism Does Not.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) is currently hosting an open house for their newest temple in Brigham City, Utah. The open house is almost a month long (August 18th – September 15th) and is an opportunity for the public to see the insides of a Mormon temple.

Since the Mormon Church refuses to give explicit clarification of its teachings, some Christians feel compelled to politely engage the public with the intent of making a distinction between Mormonism and Christianity by handing out newspapers explaining some of the differences. For these Christians, this distribution of religious literature is evangelistic in nature. It is an act of worship. Read More …