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Thanksgiving and the Deity of Christ With A Jehovah’s Witness Elder

(Continuing from the last post titled “False Prophecy 4.3 With A Jehovah’s Witness Elder.” This post is titled differently because we did not discuss the issue of false prophecy at all during this part of our three hour conversation)

JW: Ties are pagan?

KW: You remember that. We talked about how ties were originally a part of French military uniforms. You are against war and against the military so why are you wearing part of a French military uniform?

JW: (laughing) Yeah.

KW: It is the same thing.

JW: No, it’s not the same thing.

KW: Sure it is. It is the exact same argument. Just because the origin of something may be less than exemplary doesn’t mean it is the same thing for today.

JW: My conscience wouldn’t allow me to participate in any of the holidays because my worship is supposed to be clean and undefiled.

KW: My worship is clean and undefiled and I wouldn’t want to defile it with a pagan tie. Read More …

The Gospel Of The Jack-O-Lantern With A Jehovah’s Witness Elder

PumkinBecause of Halloween, there were some things I wanted to ask my Jehovah’s Witness friend. I expected the conversation to go in one direction, but it took a completely different course. Instead of waiting for my friend to start the religious discussion, I took the initiative.

KW: What do you guys do for Halloween?

JW: Nothing.

KW: Nothing? So when you’ve got trick-or-treaters coming to your door, what do you do?

JW: (Smiling) We just say we don’t do Halloween and that’s it.

KW: Hmmm. Ok. I imagine you go door to door though, right? Because of your ministry work?

JW: Yes, but householders don’t play tricks on us.

KW: (Grinning) So I guess you don’t like it when random strangers show up at your door at inopportune times? Read More …

Some Tactics I Use With A Jehovah’s Witness Elder

I made a HUGE potential blunder today. I am a collector of Christian T-shirts and wear one almost every day. I am also a big San Antonio Spurs fan so when I found a t-shirt that combined two of my favorite things, well, you know I’m going to wear it. The problem is, I didn’t think about whom I was meeting with today when I dressed. I just put on a shirt and headed out the door.

I arrived at the restaurant before my friend and when he walked up to the table, I could see he was trying to read my shirt. Most people don’t look at it twice. They just assume it is a Spurs shirt. A very small percentage actually see it for what it is, but other people, like my Jehovah’s Witness friend, see a mix. He said;

JW: Worship Spurs?

I was completely dumbfounded. What in the world is this crazy Witness looking at? This was my shirt. Read More …

Birthdays With A Jehovah’s Witness Elder

(Continued from my previous post)

Jehovah’s Witnesses can find a segue way for anything. One minute we are talking about politics and then the next minute we are talking about birthdays. The connection? The daily text from September 21st discusses the Watchtower’s twisted interpretation of John 15:19- “Because you are no part of the world, . . . on this account the world hates you.”

Earlier in the conversation, I had mentioned that my birthday was the day before our meeting. I wondered if he would bite and if he did, what he would say about it. I’ve talked with Jehovah’s Witnesses before about birthdays, but this would be different because I have a closer relationship with my Witness elder friend that I did with any of the other Witnesses who have spoken with me about this topic. He transitioned from the part of the daily text which mentions abstention from pagan festivals to my birthday. Read More …

A CHRISTmas Thought

CHRISTmas 2008 is now past and we are currently in that awkward “in-between” time of CHRISTmas and New Year’s eve. The Holy-day season is not over, yet it doesn’t feel quite right to continue to listen to CHRISTmas music. Our family is still trying to hang on to the spirit of the season as we began a new family tradition.

Starting this year, our family will watch A CHRISTmas Carol at least once during the CHRISTmas season. I’m partial to the 1984 version with George C. Scott.
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Our two oldest kids are six and seven so we had to answer a bunch of questions about the story.

Are the ghosts good or bad?”
“Why is the ‘first spirit’ really the second one to appear?”
“How were those two kids underneath the robe of the second spirit really the kids of Mr. Scrooge?”
“Was tiny Tim a Christian?”
“Do we have any more popcorn left?”
“How heavy were those chains?”
“How can Mr. Scrooge see his body under the covers if he is already in his body?”

As the kids get older, I’m sure the questions will become more profound.

I was reminded this morning through a YouTube video that we are to keep the spirit of CHRISTmas in our hearts all through the year. The following video is a very neat little way to get people to think about what is inside of them. Enjoy the video and remember to let the spirit of the Holy-days continue to influence your life all through the year.