Part 3: Keith Walker on Viewpoint On Mormonism Podcast

Keith and Bill- Green
Bill McKeever and Keith Walker at the 2008 EMNR Conference at Midwest Baptist Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri.

The third part of this series starts to get in-depth into the Impossible Gospel of Mormonism. Listen to hear how Mormon Prophets interpret Moroni 10:32 and 2 Nephi 25:23.

Earlier this year I was interviewed by Bill McKeever of Mormonism Research Ministry. We discussed the Impossible Gospel of Mormonism as taught in General Conference Addresses.

If you want to learn how to witness to your Mormon family and friends, this valuable approach can be very helpful. Click here for part threeParts two through five will be posted each day of this work week.

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  1. I don’t understand. The Lord himself said to repent, before coming to him for his grace. Why is this not the same thing as grace “after all we can do,” and “denying oneself of all ungodliness?”

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