Witnesses Now for Jesus 2011 Slideshow.

Witnesses Now for Jesus is an annual Convention where those affected by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses can received encouragement, hear moving testimonials and learn how the Watchtower has deceived them. The Biblical Jesus is uplifted the whole weekend through!

Keith and Becky were honored to be included in the program. Becky sang a few songs and told about her ongoing witnessing experiences (eight months!)  with two Witness ladies. Keith taught and presided over the communion service. Keith explained how being in the new covenant is how God forgives our sins. Jehovah’s Witnesses are not allowed to partake of communion because they are taught that they are not part of the new covenant. That makes it extra special when a Witness becomes a Christian and is able to partake. Peak attendance was around 100 with more than 1,600 people watching online.

7 thoughts on “Witnesses Now for Jesus 2011 Slideshow.”

  1. I hope for your sake Jehovah does not deem that you have sinned against the holy spirit. You know Jehovah says that is unforgivable. You know it’s the truth and no amount of denial will chamge it.

  2. You can’t really believe in Jesus without believing in Jehovah. Jesus said Jehovah was his father, his God.

  3. The only reason I approved your comments is so that others will know what I do not tolerate. Please read my comment policy. Either contribute to some sort of constructive dialogue or move along. Your insults are not welcome here.

  4. In essence, I’m making Jehovah’s name known. That is the most constructive thong amyone could do. That is what the bible says. I speak the truth.

  5. Lord and god, whether put in caps or not, neither is a name. Jesus said of Jehovah…” i have made your name known”..if u are unfamiliar with the term name or if you have forgotten its meaning, u should look it up in a dictionary.

    That is certainly constructive!

    1. Evidently you still haven’t read the comment policy. You are completely off topic. Either abide by the comment policy or you will no longer have the privilege of commenting here.

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