The Watchtower And Lot’s Wife Part Two

If you read my previous blog post about the material that Jehovah’s Witness children are encouraged to “connect the dots” and color, you may be tempted to think that this incident was one isolated act of indiscretion.  Think again. More information has been uncovered and it is worse than previously thought. Another graphic-graphic has been found on, the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

This connect the dots coloring page depicts the Biblical story of how King Solomon settled a dispute between two women in 1st Kings 3:16-27. Both were claiming to be the mother of an infant child so Solomon commanded that the child be divided in two with a sword. One half of the child be given to each woman. Naturally the real mother of the child objected so Solomon was able to identify her.

We could try to imagine the horror on the face of the mother, but now we don’t have to. Thanks to the Watchtower, that has been provided for us. And not just us. The Watchtower has created a wonderful connect the dots coloring page so that our children can join in the fun too. Now the whole family can view together the expression on the face of the mother as a soldier holds her child in one hand and a sword on the other.

If the Watchtower really is God’s organization, then why are they so indifferent to the fact that images like this often scare little kids? Something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong. Nothing better illustrates hits than a contrast between the pictures that Christian children are encouraged to color and the pictures that Jehovah’s Witness children have provided for them. The last 10 or so seconds of this short video wraps it up nicely.


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  1. Very sad to manipulate children into a religion based off of fear and sadness; having no hope, nor truth. =( Twisted and demented. Thanks for getting the truth out!

  2. Keith,

    This is really one of the most absurd points you’ve made thus far. There exist so many problems with the continuation of this argument, I am surprised, with all of your professed training in logic, reason, and religion, you hold on to such fancies. Granted, this particular line of criticism is not original but borrowed, (, however let’s identify some of the problems you create as you, once again, conclude first and then provide evidence.

    First, you are comparing a fragmented religious sect, with absolutely no cohesion to a uniform system of doctrine and theology. You are comparing “Christians,” whose beliefs are as varied as the Churches (or lack thereof) they attend, to Jehovah’s Witnesses whose system of belief is structured and uniformly recorded and taught. Whether one approach carries more validity than the other is debatable, but they each must be scrutinized within their respective sphere, not by vague comparison.

    Second, you are not properly contextualizing your argument. You have provided no support for the allusion the drawings contained in the Jehovah’s Witness family activities cause any harm to children, other than your subjective opinion. Additionally, you have failed to address the specific age appropriate audience this information was geared for, nor provide any instruction to the parents, which may have been provided, for them to exercise good judgment in teaching their children using these aids.

    Third, your video comparison is a great example of comparing apples to oranges. What I mean is the “Christian” picture of the little girl praying is obviously more age appropriate for a small child (likely 3-6) rather than an older child, with more maturity (say 10-14, the audience of the JW rendering). What you failed to acknowledge is that “children” come in various ages and with various individual capacities to learn and understand. You have advanced a false and disingenuous argument that the Jehovah’s Witness images are inappropriate for “small Children” rather than acknowledging the fact “small Children” were possibly not the audience.

    Finally, what you lack in perspective you make up in aggression and judgment, making statements like, “Nothing better illustrates hits than a contrast between the pictures that Christian children are encouraged to color and the pictures that Jehovah’s Witness children have provided for them.” and “More information has been uncovered and it is worse than previously thought. Another graphic-graphic has been found on, the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses.” However, what you overlook, is that the JW children are, as a result of such Biblical exposure, more scripturally literate, and biblically sound in their understanding of scripture than are most “Christian” children of the same age. I’ll bet the child who colors a picture of a girl praying has no idea where in “God’s Word” an example of prayer can be found, yet, the person who connects-the Old Testament Dots, can provide specific examples of justice, judgment, punishment, obedience and yes, likely even prayer, when called upon.

    Once again, the original post is coming from a man who does little more than generate unreasonable arguments to deride faithful and decent people like “Mormons” and “Jehovah’s Witnesses.” While they may color a picture, from the Bible, you deem inappropriate (an odd position for a “Christian”) they don’t run a website or blog which is purposed with attacking the religious beliefs of others. I also doubt they “teach their children to spot logical fallacies,” as you admittedly do.


    1. Travis,
      I know you will not listen to me, but maybe you will listen to some former Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’m going to ask a few of my ex-JW friends to weigh in here. Stay tuned.

  3. Examples of “Christian” Coloring book activities:

    Does this mean that “Mormons” are “really is God’s organization” because we are not, “indifferent to the fact.” certain, “images like this often scare little kids?”

    What I simple conclusion you have reached, thanks again Keith.

  4. Everything JWs do is fear-based; Keith is just pointing out examples of this, and how children are indoctrinated in fear from a young age. There are plenty of pictures that could be drawn of Bible stories that don’t necessarily engender fear, and the way in which stories are presented in Watchtower publications often tends to be negative. Look at any Christian depiction of the Noah’s ark story, for example. Typically, the focus will be upon Noah bringing the animals into the ark, or perhaps sending out the dove. In JW publications, the visual emphasis is generally on the people who are outside the ark, drowning. That’s what they want you to focus on: the terror of God’s judgment, not the joy of His salvation. Generations of JW children have grown up in fear because of such practices. Adults aren’t exempt, either – there are plenty of pictures of God’s wrath at Armageddon. Do you think those people really keep knocking at your door because they care about you? They are working hard to save their own skin.

    As far as your statement, “While they may color a picture, from the Bible, you deem inappropriate (an odd position for a “Christian”) they don’t run a website or blog which is purposed with attacking the religious beliefs of others.” Um, yeah. Right. JWs and LDS never attack the religious beliefs of others…

  5. I would NEVER NEVER let my kids color this mess. They are 11, and 14 and I think its absolutely applauding that they make stuff like that for kids. I had nightmares for years over that junk and it will never never be in my kids minds the way it was in mine. Furthermore if I would have been taught about the real Jesus and the real God when I was younger my life would have been so much better.

  6. Look up the Moore Tragedy Video/documentary on YouTube

    In 1993, two young brothers supposedly committed suicide, and the case was quickly closed. Between a botched police investigation, an abusive father, and the Armageddon- preaching J.W. church the boys attended, the evidence may say something different. Roberta Moore searches for the truth of what happened to her children.

    The magazines depicting such images of death were a big feature.

  7. I seriously doubt the coloring book was made for the (10-14) audience. At age 12 and up, connect the dots would be of no interest to adolescent boys. Unless of course, those coloring books were of skateboards, fast cars, or scantily clad women. You and the general JW populace would be completely oblivious to this as youths desires (especially sexually), are repressed to the point of guilt and shame. Hand a 14-year-old a coloring book, I’m sure they’ll be thrilled…and then go back to texting. Great example of how out of touch with youth that religion is. Unbelievable.

  8. The JW religion wants to have their young youth baptized early, so they are taught to be able to digest these horrible images in all publications, color and B/W. Much that I remember was of horror to teach (brainwash) us youth to be afraid of what will happen ‘to me’ at the end. Walking on eggshells and being bummed the end did not come in 1975 was all the course of a false religion.
    Yes I agree the Noah Ark pic is seared in my memory of the ppl in the water crying to be let into the Ark, knowing they were going to drown.
    I have seen both sides of the coloring pic’s and I choose the happy faces sitting beside Jesus!

  9. Keith,
    Whew that was disturbing! When I was a Jehovah’s Witness we didn’t have coloring pages. Now that I see what kind of pictures are chosen I’m glad we didn’t. What a stark contrast presented in your video. I’m so glad to be a Christian now and to be free from fear manipulation and motional blackmail. This was a good reminder of where I’ve come from. On days I’m missing my mothers love since I’m now shunned, I will go back to this video to remind me that it’s not a dark place that I want to return to. Despite the loss of family I have a new family in Christ and I call father God my Abba.

  10. Travis,
    I understand your desire to defend the Watchtower literature.I was a jw for 30 years and once felt like you.I would defend the indefensible.Thankfully we have found the truth as a family but I regret every day what my children suffered.How very sad that witnesses put so much pressure on their little children.You say with pride that they are superior in their understanding of the bible and could tell where to find scriptures about prayer.Surely its more important for children to actually pray and believe that they have a loving father who cares about their every little need. When I listen to my 5 year old granddaughter pray I cry with joy.She would not be able to quote scriptures but thankfully will never be exposed to the literature of false prophets as her father was.
    Many people are unaware of the damage caused by the Watchtower bible and tract society but I and my family have suffered shunning because we no longer share their beliefs.
    Most witnesses I knew had serious doubts which were unvoiced because of fear of losing family association.
    Out here in the big bad world we have found numerous true Christian friends but more importantly a deeper faith based on real truth and a relationship with Jesus.I still care for the dear friends who are no longer allowed to associate with me and pray for their freedom.
    What joy I feel in my freedom to live according to my conscience and not those of a group of elderly men who obviously don’t even know what is suitable material for young impressionable children.
    One more point,I was taught for all those years that every other religion was of Satan so you have no right to object to a bit criticism of the wtbs.Please search with an open mind.
    Christian love rose

    1. Rosie,
      Thanks for your comment. I thought you should know that Travis is a Mormon and is no longer welcome to comment here because of the caustic nature of his comments among other offenses. I had people privately ask me why I put up with him for so long. He will not be replying to you.

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