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I have a friend on Facebook who has recently come out of the Mormon Church and has come to Christ with his whole, immediate family. Bart Pascoal, was a faithful Latter-day Saint who was frustrated with his inability to live up to the impossible standards of the Mormon Church. This frustration led him down a dark path for many years. In the summer of 2010 he decided to get serious about his spirituality, but wanted to try a different approach. He and his wife read the New Testament together and soon realized that all they were taught by the Mormon Church about the sacrifice of Jesus was wrong. This led to much research.

Being a tech geek, Bart decided to create a web site, as a place to consolidate his findings and be able to share them with his extended LDS family. Bart was a multi-generational Mormon on his mother’s side so he has lots of Mormon family. Due to his research, Bart came to the conclusion that the gospel of Mormonism just doesn’t work. After seeing one of our videos, he was able to put a name on what he had been trying to live; The Impossible Gospel of Mormonism.

Since becoming a Christian, Bart has used his tech skills in creating His latest infographic explains the confusing path of the impossible gospel of Mormonism. Click on the image to see more detail. An even larger image is available on Bart’s original blog post. That will help in being able to see the small text of the references.  In the words of Sandra Tanner of the Utah Lighthouse Ministry, “I think I need GPS for this.”

As always, feel free to leave your comment. We are particularly interested in what Mormons think of the infographic.

*** I’ve had a couple of requests for a pdf of the graphic since I posted this. Bart created one which you can download here.



4 thoughts on “The Impossible Gospel of Mormonism InfoGraphic”

  1. Keith;
    Two things, one about what you left out about my religion and one about what you think according to your beliefs.

    1. You forgot to tell everyone that much of what we need to do does not have to be done in this life.
    2. Just what do you believe the Day of Judgment is about if you can do nothing to work in your salvation?

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