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Top ten reasons to vote for a Mormon President

I received this from a friend of mine (Dave Roberts) who has ministered in Utah for a long, long time. Some of these will not make sense unless you know Mormonism pretty well.

Go, Mitt…

10) The National Cathedral could be renamed the National Tabernacle.

9) NASA could commission a satellite to ‘hie to Kolob.’

8) The Secret Service could be renamed the Sacred Service.

7) All official government prayers could include the phrase ‘that we all can get home safely.’

6) Napoleon Dynamite could get someone other than Pedro elected.

5) The President could not only explain things in Layman’s terms, but also Lemuel’s terms.

4) The President could issue pardons in exchange for 100% home teaching.

3) Not only could he pronounce ‘Nuclear’ but also ‘Mahonri Moriancumer’ and ‘Maher Shalal Hash Baz.’

2) At his inauguration he would swear on the Bible ‘as far as it is translated correctly.’

1) Finally, a first family large enough to fill up the White House.

Mitt Romney and Mormonism

Here is a good video put together by some colleagues in the ministry. A number of our friends were interveiwed for this 32 minute video. Check out the section starting at 1:30 and ending at 2:32.

Hmm… If Mitt is open to talking about the most unusual thing about his religion, Noah’s ark according to Mitt’s own lips, then why does he refuse to talk about the things that are not as unusual to Mormonism, say like, Jesus coming back to Missouri or God having a material body and being fathered by another God?

Another another note, Mitt said to the interviewer “You haven’t exactly got those doctrines right.” If she got them wrong, what exactly was wrong and why didn’t he correct her?