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Mormon Church Traces Black Priesthood Ban To Brigham Young

Brigham Young was a racist.

There is an interesting article in today’s Salt Lake Tribune which places the blame for more than 150 years of Mormon racism squarely upon the shoulders of second president and prophet of the Mormon Church, Brigham Young. The Salt Lake Tribune makes reference to a new article written by the Mormon Church in effort to ease the anxiety of Latter-day Saints and answer some of the historical problems with Mormonism, racism and revelation. That article is titled, “Race and the Priesthood.” Rather than give you my thoughts on this issue, I’d rather quote a new ex-Mormon friend of mine. Read More …

Shame, Shame, Shame: Thirty-Five Years Later And Still No Apology

Five years ago, Aaron Shafovaloff of Mormonism Research Ministry published the following article entitled, “Shame, Shame, Shame: Thirty Years Later And Still No Apology”.  It has now been thirty five years and counting. Here is his article, posted with permission.

Mormon apologist Blake Ostler once said, “I personally believe that [Brigham Young’s] theology was a disaster for the most part” (>>). We have multiple reasons to concur with Blake (more than he would agree with), as Mormonism has spent much of its post-Brigham history picking up the pieces from the catastrophic mess of theology he left behind. The 1916 First Presidency statement on divine investiture and Elohim/Jehovah identitieswas largely driven by an effort to repair Brigham Young’s damaging Adam-God teaching. Contrary to the notion that it died with Brigham, it had carried well on into the 20th century. Some Mormons today are deeply embarrassed over Young’s teaching that Jesus was physically conceived by a natural union between Mary and the Father (who, for Brigham, of course, was Adam). Many Mormons have tragically settled for an “I don’t know” answer to the question of whether sexual intercourse was involved in the conception of Christ. Along with Adam-God, Brigham’s teaching that God still progresses in knowledge and power was condemned as a deadly, damning heresy by apostle Bruce McConkie. Then there’s individual blood atonementmen living on the Sun, participation in polygamy being absolutely necessary for Celestial exaltation, and on, and on. Many Mormons quietly write off Brigham Young as a crazy old uncle who has said very stupid, very irresponsible, very embarrassing, very damaging things. The problem is that he happened to say most of these things from the Tabernacle pulpit in a position of influential leadership and self-claimed prophetic authority. Mormons today try to laugh it off. Stephen Robinson even suggested that Adam-God might have been a joke. But at the end of the day Christians aren’t laughing. We have a higher standard for prophets than Mormonism allows. For us, becoming a Mormon would mean drastically lowering the bar for men who claim to be God’s living spokesmen on earth. Read More …