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The Gospel Of The Jack-O-Lantern With A Jehovah’s Witness Elder

PumkinBecause of Halloween, there were some things I wanted to ask my Jehovah’s Witness friend. I expected the conversation to go in one direction, but it took a completely different course. Instead of waiting for my friend to start the religious discussion, I took the initiative.

KW: What do you guys do for Halloween?

JW: Nothing.

KW: Nothing? So when you’ve got trick-or-treaters coming to your door, what do you do?

JW: (Smiling) We just say we don’t do Halloween and that’s it.

KW: Hmmm. Ok. I imagine you go door to door though, right? Because of your ministry work?

JW: Yes, but householders don’t play tricks on us.

KW: (Grinning) So I guess you don’t like it when random strangers show up at your door at inopportune times? Read More …