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Babes With Bullets

I love this story! This is the same type of shooting that I am involved with at the Bullethole shooting Range here in San Antonio. The only critique I have about the story is that the camera-man did a couple of stupid things. You never go down range when someone is handling a weapon.

I think this is a good time to introduce my readers to The Four Rules of Gun Safety. Which of the four rules were broken during the filming of this story?

Better Than Ballet

Our daughter really likes ballet. She is one of the younger girls in her class, but is learning quickly. She is constantly walking around the house doing ballet moves and poses. She will even do them in public when she gets bored. She has been taking lessons on Saturday mornings and looks forward to it every week.

For some reason there were no ballet classes today, so I decided we would do something different. Becky and I bought a BB/pellet gun for the kids for CHRISTmas and I thought today was a good day for them to learn how to shoot it. I want to teach the kids gun safety and how to shoot and starting at an early age is a good way to make sure it sticks. I look forward to taking them to the range with me when they get older.

We got the BB gun out and I went over the four rules of gun safety. I added an additional rule that I said was rule #1, the gun is not a toy. After I had the kids repeat the rules back to me, we took an old phone book and placed it up against our back yard fence. I set up three coke cans in front of the phone book and we each took a few shots at about five yards. I think our son did a little better than our daughter did, although I am proud of both of them. The thing that I really liked hearing was what our daughter said after we were done shooting. “Daddy, that was more fun than ballet.”