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Mormons, Homosexuals and the Boy Scouts of America

Roughly two years ago we decided to give the Cub scouts a try. Our oldest son had played tee-ball for a number of seasons, but my wife Becky and I didn’t think it was a great fit for him. He had the basics of baseball down and learned the value of teamwork, but the game just didn’t excite him the way it does other kids. Becky thought that maybe something a little more “out-doorsy” would better fit his personality so she did some research and found a Christian troop that we wanted to look into.

When we first met with the leader of the local troop, we wanted to know more about the “Christian” aspect of the troop. We knew that many Mormons are into scouting so we wanted to know if they were included under the umbrella of “Christian.” We were happy to learn that as a Christian troop, anyone could join it, but leadership positions were reserved only for those who attend Christian churches. Because of the doctrine of the Mormon Church, it cannot rightly be named “Christian” so members of that church would be ineligible for leadership positions within the troop. That answer satisfied us. We told our son that he could either do baseball or scouts, but we would not do both. We decided to give the Boy Scouts a year long trial. He enjoyed it so much that we are now back for our second year. Read More …