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The Messiah With A Jehovah’s Witness Elder


Jesus Christ is Messiah

I have been wondering all week about today’s meeting. Since we were scheduled to read through chapter four in the Teach book, titled, “Who Is Jesus Christ?,” I knew our meeting could potentially get heated. Each of the three times my Jehovah’s Witness elder friend has threatened to discontinue our conversations, it was when we were talking about the deity of Christ.

When I arrived at the restaurant, JW2 was there with my elder friend. The three of us talked about the upcoming Super bowl, the San Antonio Spurs and a number of other things. I sensed that JW2 was enjoying himself, but JW1 was stalling. I don’t think he wanted to get our conversation going because of the topic. You know how when you really don’t want to talk about something, but you know you have to, you just jump right into it to get it over with? That happened. It looked sort of like this. Read More …

Former Mormon Baptized

This past Sunday we had the privilege of watching a new friend of ours get baptized. We acknowledge that every baptism is special, but this one was more so to us. Paige was raised as a Mormon and has recently come to Christ. She had mentally left Mormonism eight years ago, but came to Christ just six months ago. It took her that long to work her way through the concept of grace (pun intended) and to understand that the sacrifice of Jesus is sufficient for all of her sin. This baptism was additionally special to Paige because her young son was baptized with her. They both went into the water and came back up at the same time.

Paige’s family now attends Oakhills Church, pastored by the famous author, Max Lacado. Let me say a few things about this baptism service. Oakhills really knows how to put on a party! We’re talking BBQ-ed burgers, a live band, 75 foot water slides and those bouncy jumpers things for kids. All of this right along the banks of the Guadalupe River!

Here are some pictures of the event and the kids playing in the river afterwards. Praise God for a wonderful day!

I’ve also got a video of it. You’ll have to excuse the shaky camera as I was balanced on a log and people kept getting in front of me. I missed the “dunk moment” as I was trying to move to get a better view.

Moldovan Baptism Video

HA! I finally got the baptism video up. There is more than one way to skin a cat!