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Addressing “Anti-Mormons” 101

We received a letter in the PO Box today that was really impressive. I wanted to share it with you and explain why this letter made such an impact on me. If you have been following our ministry for the last month or so, you know that we went to Utah in early October for an outreach we called, “Woman to Woman in Utah.” We handed out roughly 10,000 packets of tissues at the LDS Women’s conference in a little more than two hours. We inserted a card into the packages which showed a distressed Mormon woman on the front and a verse from the New Testament along with five web sites on the back. You can read more about our outreach here.

As you can imagine, we have received a number of responses because of this outreach. The vast majority of them have been from Mormons who have been, ahh …shall we say, LESS than cordial? I really don’t know what it is that they hope to accomplish by sending caustic emails, but I’ve got pretty thick skin. They do not discourage me at all. Some of them are so childish they are actually humorous. One thing that those types of emails do though is confirm to me that the Mormons sending the emails are worthy of our outreach. In other words, they’re as lost as a goose.

I have never understood people who believe they are the true Christians, I am an apostate or opposer, and because they believe that, they think they have the right to be rude and treat me disrespectfully. That doesn’t make sense to me. When a Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness acts this way towards me, I often ask them, “If I become a JW/Mormon, will I end up being like you?” If being impolite comes with the territory of belonging to the “true Church,”why would I want to become one?

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