#44 How Patriotic Are Mormons? Quick Questions For Mormons

Are Mormons really patriotic?  Not if your 1st amendment rights to freedom of religion and free speech are practiced around a Mormon temple.

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  1. I would say it is a bit of guilty by association. If you have ever seen the fowl mouth, uncouth, often-insulting clown who call themselves “Christian missionaries to the Mormons” that spend lots of time and money trying to disrupt our semiannual conferences you would understand why we dislike the sideshow barkers that show up at our functions. When you get your associates to be nice we will be happy to have them talk to us.

  2. I’m not following you. How is this guilt by association? Also, I find your claim false. If Mormons would be happy to talk to our folks, then why the free speech zone in the first place? There were no, as you put it, “sideshow barkers,” at the Brigham City temple. I personally know many of the Christians who were there. They were peacefully handing out papers.

  3. Think big enough to see that we have had to put up with your associates who are very disruptive in their attempt to “save” Mormons from what you think is wrong. You will see that by looking beyond what happened at Brigham City, my statement is true. No matter how nice you think your people were, you are stuck with the history of side-show-barkers that created the need to restrict the activities of the few. Simply put, because you will not, or cannot, control SOME of your people, ALL of your people suffer.

    In addition, as far as talking with you, the same thing applies. Your people have a history of being rude, lewd and uncouth, so again all your people are suffering because of some of your peoples past activities.

    Next time you visit one of our conferences, take a moment and see if you want to be part of the crowd of “christians” that try to disrupt our worship services.

  4. Fred,
    Here is what I hear you saying. “If you would only do things right, we would talk to you. But even when you DO do things right, we still will not talk to you because someone else did it wrong in the past and we are bitter about it.”

    I will offer up a counter challenge. They next time you see Christians peacefully handing out tracts or trying to talk to Mormons, don’t lump them into the same category as the “sideshow barkers.” If what you said is true about Mormons willingness to talk with us if we behave ourselves, then talk to us when we behave ourselves. Brigham City is just another example of Mormons shooting the innocent.

  5. I find it interesting you prefaced your sentiment with, “Are Mormons really patriotic? Not if your 1st amendment rights to freedom of religion and free speech are practiced around a Mormon temple.”

    There are allowable, Constitutional, restrictions on free speech. As you may already know, judging from the tenor of your message, speech is not an absolute right. The case law interpreting the Guarantee on speech is replete with limitations. Time, place and manner would, in this case, most apply. The “it’s not even going to be a challenge” suit filed by the ACLU was later settled, likely because the cost of litigation was not worth the tenuous fight and “The city maintains that its Free Speech Ordinance meets all constitutional protections while advancing its compelling interest in public safety.” The ordinance was put in place to allow for visitors to safely conduct themselves between busing and the Temple entrance. I fail to see what the point is anyway, but the issue has met with a resolution which renders further litigation moot.

    “BRIGHAM CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – The American Civil Liberties Union and Brigham City officials have agreed to a compromise, letting a non-denominational Christian church distribute flyers near a new Mormon temple.

    Members of the Main Street Church say they were banned from areas outside the Brigham City Temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during its public open house because they were pointing out differences between the faiths.

    The agreement allows for the protest to happen on only two sides of the church, while avoiding a bus zone.”

    1. Thank you, you have made part of the piont I was trying to make; plus adding things I had not thought about. The ordnance imposed by BRIGHAM CITY to restrict protesters from a few places was put in place before the open house because of past actions of antiMormon groups. If the people I have spoken with are correct, the “non-denominational antiMormon” main street church that was involved in the ACLU lawsuit has been one of the groups with members that act like sideshow barkers ate LDS General Worship Services.

      I agree that you have pinpointed how some people will try to twist things to sound like what they are not when you asked about how a city ordinance proves that a Church is unpatriotic. Their decision to do so gives a view into the soul of this origination.

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