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Boycott McDonald’s

The American Family Foundation has called for a boycott of McDonald’s because of its support of the rabid, anti-family, gay agenda. Micky D’s was asked to be neutral in the culture wars, but instead released a statement reiterating their stance against traditional family values.

If you would like more information about the boycott, visit the web site set up specifically for this boycott. I have left a comment and have notified McDonal’s that our family will no longer be patrons of their restaurant. I encourage you to do the same.

Although this is a serious issue, I thought it would be appropriate to lighten it up a bit with this funny video about homosexuality. It just ain’t natural folks.

San Antonio Authorities Arrest Syringe Exchange Workers

I have been hearing about this program on the radio for the last week or so. It seems that Bill Day, a 73 year old lay chaplain for Saint Marks Episcopal Church, is in a heap of trouble. Mr. Day “could spend up to a year in jail for breaking a law that he considers immoral. Day hands out clean needles to drug addicts on some of the seediest streets in this south Texas city. He does it because he’s convinced that it reduces human suffering by curtailing the spread of HIV, a view that has been supported by medical research for more than a decade. However, Day’s actions are illegal in Texas.”

According to an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Day’s supporters are livid. They do not understand why senior citizen activists are being treated like criminals. Hmm… that is a tough one. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are breaking the law? Jill Rips the deputy executive director of the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, asks “Don’t police have something better to do?”

You know Mrs. Rips. You are right. I think the police DO have something better to do. How about we use the same logic applied to the needle exchange program and teach gang-bangers how to be come more accurate marksman? This way, with proper police instruction and supervision, gang-bangers will be better shots and will only kill each other instead of hitting so many innocent bystanders. Come to think of it, this new project could also have the side benefit of reducing the number of violent gang members in San Antonio.
Hey, if gang members are going to shoot at each other anyway, we might as well train them not to accidentally kill the innocent.

Students Want Chance To Defend Themselves

“Would you rather just sit there and cower underneath a desk when someone executes you or would you rather have a chance to defend your life? That’s what it really boils down to.”

Michael Flitcraft, a 23-year-old sophomore at the University of Cincinnati, has become a leading advocate for college students to carry weapons on campus. He’s an organizer for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, a grass-roots organization that was formed after last year’s Virginia Tech massacre that left 32 college students and professors dead. More…

The above comes from an article from CNN about a growing number of students who want to be able to defend themselves while on campus. This movement, Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, started in response to the Virginia Tech massacre.

While many people do not like the idea of students carrying guns on campus, it cannot be argued that gun free zones have done anything other than give maniacs a target rich environment with little to no resistance. We have to remember that while a great majority of students are young adults, more and more older people are going back to school.
Why is it that a person who has a license to carry cannot legally protect them-self with a gun on a university campus? I believe that if a facility bans a citizen from protecting them-self in that manner, then they should bear the responsibility if that person is harmed. I find it extremely unjust to require someone to disarm, yet not accept the liability for the safety of that individual.

Political Correctness Gone Wild- Teacher Attacked Then Blamed For ‘Threatening To Defend Herself’

A teacher in Baltimore, MD was attacked and isn’t getting any support from the school administration because, “she egged the student on by threatening to defend herself.” Threatened to defend herself? That is ludicrous! How can informing an aggressor that you will defend yourself be considered a threat? Does that mean that because I am angry with what the administration told Mrs. Berry that I can fly out there and beat up the person who said it? What is this politically correct, crazy, twisted (lots of expletives coming to mind), nation coming to?

I can tell you exactly where it is going, but I will not let it go there without a fight. I just got off the phone with Reginald F. Lewis High School in Baltimore and asked to speak with the person who told Mrs. Berry that she was responsible for being attacked. I was placed on hold for 10 minutes before I finally hung up. You know I’ll be calling back. Not only that, but I encourage you to do the same. Call, write letters, e-mails or blog about this yourself. Heck, do it all!

They can be reached at;
Reginald F. Lewis High School
6401 Pioneer Dr.
Baltimore, MD 21214
Baltimore city County
Phone: (410) 545-1783 or 545-1746

The Principle’s name is Jean Ragin

CES National Web gives this e-mail address for the Principle.
You can also contact the Baltimore City Public School System here.

Let’s let them know that our teachers will never be able to effectively teach until they are respected. If the school administration doesn’t respect the teachers, why should the students?