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Pistol League 11- Week 1

This video shows the first course of fire for our Pistol league at the Bullethole Range. I’ve got a good start. Currently I am 5th overall, but 2nd in my division. So far only 40 shooters have shot, with possibly more to compete. I’ll have a better idea of where I stand by Wednesday.

I chose to run the course of fire as follows;
Draw and fire eight shots,
Reload magazine on the move,
Shoot the Pepper popper (14 yards away, off camera)which activates the clam shell,
Two shots on the clam shell,
Eight shots,
Reload on the move,
Last eight shots.
All in 21 seconds. That is pretty good for me, but I’ve got a lot of work to do if I want to be fast.

*** Video shot by “Deadeye Steve.”***

Pistol League Video- Shooting The Texas Star

Last week was the final week for pistol league # 10, the first BulletHole league of the year for 2007. Because our team (the Deadeyes) has won the league a number of times, we are no longer in competition for a team trophy. We can still earn individual trophies, but not together as a team.

This league was not a good one for me. Although I finished 10th out of more than 65 shooters, I could have done much better. Out of the seven weeks of the league, I was satisfied with my preformance only twice. Three weeks were just bad shooting and for the last two weeks my gun jammed. If I shot to my potential, I could have been as high as 5th place and earned a 2nd place trophy for my division. Here is a youtube video of one of my good runs.