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Sixth Birthday Continued

As promised, here are the scans of our daughter’s book. I made them into a slideshow so that you can view it sort of like the book is in front of you. We are very proud to have an author and artist in the family!

The picture to the left is a better picture of the family sitting around our daughter listening to her read her story. Even Kisses, our dog, is interested in hearing the story! (There is a bad dog in the story so she better listen up!)

I’m sure the book will not last forever so I am glad that we were able to capture the images digitally and save them for years to come. Slide is such a cool free program too so there are lots of options to display your pictures. Enjoy the book!

Happy Sixth Birthday For Our Daughter!

Our daughter turned six today. She had a good day and received lots of “princess stuff” as gifts.

One of my favorite moments was when our daughter had a surprise for the whole family. It seems that she and Mommy have been working on a special project for close to five months. Only the two of them knew about it and they did a good job of keeping the secret.

Becky bought a blank “board book” with about 10-12 pages with nothing on them. Our daughter wrote a story about a girl named Rapunzel who had a dog and took a walk with a little boy. Not only did she write the story, she also drew all of the artwork. As a present from her to the family, she wanted to read it to all of us on her birthday. What a neat moment.

It is too late now, but once I get a chance, I will scan the pages of the book and post it here.

Happy Birthday Big Girl! We love you very much!