2013 Brodie Awards

2013-Brodies-200pxI have two articles and one video accepted for nomination for the 2013 Brodie Awards. The Brodie Awards is hosted by Main Street Plaza (MSP) which is a popular blog for anything related to Mormonism, regardless of whether or not you are for or against it.

Winners of Brodie Awards are given winner’s badges to post on their web sites and blogs showing that their hard work is appreciated by those interested in Mormonism. It is a great way to share and find more resources regarding Mormonism. The nominations are collected and voted on by readers of MSP and their friends.

This is where you come in. Please click this link and vote for one of my three entries in the “Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion” category. My three entries are;

-A Christian Response to “Drops of Awesome.”
-“Mormon Works vs. Evangelical Grace? Not So Fast” A Christian Response to Jana Riess
-Impossible Gospel of Mormonism As Taught In General Conference

Thanks for your vote and PLEASE SHARE!

6 Thoughts on “2013 Brodie Awards

  1. Impossible Gospel of Mormonism As Taught In General Conference has 16 votes now I voted for this Keith!

    • Thanks for your vote. That’ll be the only way I’ll win is if the Impossible Gospel takes it. I didn’t think about it at the time, but my other two entries are pulling votes away from what is clearly the favorite.

  2. Dave Englund on February 3, 2014 at 8:42 pm said:

    What do you get if you win? A temple recommend? LDS undergarments?

  3. You’re rocking and rolling, Keith. After my vote you have a total of 48 votes and 47% of the total votes – leading by 26% over 2nd place. You’re Brodie-bound!

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