Rob Bowman On Heart Of The Matter Tonight

Shawn McCraney
Shawn McCraney likening the Trinity to man-made corporate constructs like, accountability, cheese spread, elevator music and strip malls.

Rob Bowman of the Institute For Religious Research met with Shawn McCraney yesterday and talked about the Trinity for four hours. Shawn has invited Rob to be on his show (Heart of the Matter) tonight to ask Rob more questions. The shows streams live here at 8PM MST.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the significance of tonight’s show, Shawn is a former Mormon who has recently made some anti-Trinitarian comments on his show. Contrary to Shawn’s own claims, those statements are Modalistic in nature.

For a more detailed timeline of what happened and what was said when, read this summation by Fred Anson at Beggar’s Bread.

Please be in pray for this show and for Shawn in particular. Many Christians, both former Mormons and non-former Mormons, have benefited from his show and ministry. There is a tremendous possibility here for harm or help.

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  1. Ron Gwaltney here: I’ve had the priviledge of meeting and of talking with Rob Bowman and Shawn McCraney in recent years. After learning of the developments regarding Shawn’s views I’m very glad that Rob is having an opportunity to share his own with Shawn tonight. All Christians who are familiar with the ministries Shawn and Rob are a part of should be in prayer this evening for these two men and for their Lord to make the biblical truth ever clearer and all the more certain on these matters. May they find agreement in Him and in His Word. I will be praying and I hope you will too.

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