Mormon Church Traces Black Priesthood Ban To Brigham Young

Brigham Young was a racist.

There is an interesting article in today’s Salt Lake Tribune which places the blame for more than 150 years of Mormon racism squarely upon the shoulders of second president and prophet of the Mormon Church, Brigham Young. The Salt Lake Tribune makes reference to a new article written by the Mormon Church in effort to ease the anxiety of Latter-day Saints and answer some of the historical problems with Mormonism, racism and revelation. That article is titled, “Race and the Priesthood.” Rather than give you my thoughts on this issue, I’d rather quote a new ex-Mormon friend of mine.

Samuel Vijarro is a self described, “rescued, delivered, Biblical Christian and heaven bound because of Christ Jesus and the promise of His Word.” As a Mormon he was happy and determined to be a Mormon forever until he “saw the many holes in the hull of a beautiful, but sinking cruise ship.” He didn’t leave Mormonism 14 years ago because of sin or weakness, but because he could no longer stay in light of the problems he saw in Mormonism.

The irony here is that the LDS Church is now making concerted efforts to reach out to and answer the questions of Mormons like Samuel who see problems with the historical record of Mormonism. In other words, “Race and the Priesthood” was written for Samuel, but it came 14 years too late. His eyes have been opened and he now has a perfect view of the problems which still remain, regardless of the fact that the LDS Church is making efforts to clear up “mistakes” it made in God’s name.

This comment by Samuel is spot on. I can’t remember the last time someone else said just about exactly what I was thinking. I really like the way he puts things. I’ve edited a few minor things, but other than that, here is Samuel’s comment.

Many LDS (and non LDS) have been dialoguing for decades, on the “Negro Question.” Only now in a context of the Church currently, FINALLY and, still, ever so slowly maneuvering in a positive direction. But the fact is that, the LDS prophets can, and did indeed, lead the LDS church astray. They continue to show this as they have always done (Polytheism, Adam God, Blood Atonement, Polygamy, Polyandry, Racism, etc…).

The LDS church is always behind the rest of the world in its general world view approach. Oh, the party line is that the Prophets are not infallible. Yet they want the perfect obedience and adherence of their members. So they preach ideas like those found in the “Fourteen Fundamentals of Following the Living Prophet” Given those “prophetic” ideals, should not the LDS Prophets be AHEAD of the world view curve and not holding up the tail end, as they always do without fail?

Supposedly they are Living Prophets, Seers and Revelators but I ask very seriously: What do they really prophecy? What do they really ever “See” anytime BEFORE the rest of the world does? What do they really REVEAL to the rest of the world that it doesn’t already know? Did they not “SEE” the coming of the internet and what a game-changer it would mean for the Mormon Church and for the whole world? Did they not “See” how the internet would put ALL of the church’s dirty laundry out there for any, and every-one to see? Did they not “SEE” how it would COMPEL the Church itself to come clean about theretofore somewhat unknown and very embarrassing history? Now they call those old racist Doctrines “theories, speculation, folklore, and opinions.” Really? And still they cannot be fully truthful.

Bottom line: The ever delayed-response modus operandi of the Mormon “prophets” is evidence of a man-made institution. These prophets are always behind because they are not truly “Prophetic”, as would be real and true Prophets of the living God. LDS prophets are always and ever “reactionary.” As the world moves, the LDS “Prophets” are continually tugged along reluctantly with it. As such, they continually move themselves further into that corner into which the false prophets always place themselves: Contrary to the Word and will of the living and true God.

But notice, while they do backpedal what they must, they are very careful never to say they were “WRONG.” They must maintain the confidence of their followers. Contrary to what one person in this article has said, this current direction does NOT disavow all of the past doctrines. How simple should it be for true Prophets, and Holy men of God, to say, “We apologize for the wrong things which were declared, and taught as doctrine. We were wrong.” Black Mormons have been waiting and wanting to hear this for decades but, still, you do not hear them. Ask yourself, is this really Jesus Christ? Is all of this really His perfect way, will and truth? What say you?

The only thing I could add would be… no. Never mind.

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  1. “Let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.”

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