Manti Mission 2013

Praying For David, a 30 year Mormon, Japanese man.

My absolute favorite two weeks of the year starts tomorrow. Every year tens of thousands of Mormons flock to in Manti, Utah to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant. Scores of Christians come from all over the US (and sometimes other parts of the world) to witness to them. I like the odds.

We leave for Manti tomorrow morning at O-dark-thirty. We will arrive in Salt Lake City well before 10:00 AM. There are nine of us total, seven of us the first week (June 18-23) and three of us the second week (June 23-30). If your “bad-math-alarm” is sounding off in your head, it adds up if you take into consideration that I’ll be staying for the whole two weeks.

Obviously, I will be away from my computer so the chances of me putting something up on the blog are pretty slim. I’ve been busy with preparations for the last week or so and am even behind on approving comments from past blog posts. Sorry about that. July will be better.

Please pray for our team. Of the nine of us, three will be going for the first time. They are nervous and feel unprepared, but they are relying on the Lord and that is where they need to be. Pray for Divine appointments and that, like every other year, someone comes to know Jesus right in front of that temple.

Mormons and other often get the wrong idea of what we do in Manti. To get a better understanding, here is a video of me talking with a Mormon man last year.

David has been LDS for 30 years and we had a wonderful 1 ½ hour conversation. The video shows roughly 30 minutes of it. You’ll see that we were having a good time, joking around with each other and more importantly really trying to understand each other. There were some things he said that I needed clarification on so I would ask more questions. He would then try to understand why I believe what I believe about Mormonism. The picture above was taken after the video ends. David wanted to pray for God to show him truth. I prayed for him, then we talked some more. Please pray for David too. I’d love to see him again.

If you are LDS and you are going to the pageant this year, please look me up. I’m really easy to find. I’ll be on the street in front of the temple. Just look for my hat. I would be honored to meet you.

2 thoughts on “Manti Mission 2013”

  1. Im a former mormon, born again in Christ. May the Holy Spirit guide your heart, words, and mind and bless you and your team with favour. May God’s Angels be there looking after your team, and to help open minds of the LDS people. Open them to Christ. I pray that the power of Hod would be felt in a real, tangible way. In the name of our Saviour, amen.

  2. I’m a former Mormon and there is a good chance that you will encounter members both from my immediate and extended family on your trip. I will be praying for you, and the team. May God lead you to someone that He has prepared their heart to hear the good message. May the Holy Spirit move their heart to accept Chirst into their life. I have the most upmost respect for your ministry. Praise God for men like you!

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