Hitler Finds Out About Joseph Smith’s 40 Wives

For about a year now the Mormon Church has been releasing essays on their official web site about some of the more controversial subjects regarding their history and doctrine. A complete listing of those essays can be found here.

These articles have created quite a stir among both Mormons and critics of the Mormon Church alike. The most recent of these articles went viral about a week after it was released when the New York Times published an article on their front page titled, It’s Official: Mormon Founder Had Up to 40 Wives.”

This information is very upsetting to many Mormons and reports are heard of Mormons in high positions being stumbled in their faith by what they are reading. Some Mormons in South America are rejecting the stories until they can read it for themselves in Spanish. Needless to say, many Mormons are at a crisis in their faith because they are finding out that critics of the Mormon Church have been telling the truth for all of these years. They now realize that it was the Mormon Church which had not been truthful.

This video, while humorous, is an accurate depiction of how many Mormons will feel when they find out about this information.  It is not meant to mock, or make light of how they feel, but is instead an effort to initiate conversations between Christians and Mormons about this important new admission by the LDS Church. It is also a reminder to Christians that they need to be ready to comfort their Mormon friends as they may be experiencing feelings of betrayal by their Church.

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