Four Weeks Of Teaching about Jehovah’s Witnesses

Two Jehovah’s Witnesses are walking down a narrow alley in the inner-city. They come face to face with two Mormon missionaries. The alley is so narrow that one pair will have to allow the other pair to pass. One of the two Mormon missionaries puffs out his chest and declares, “We will not step aside for false teachers.” The Jehovah’s Witnesses in unison both step aside and reply, “We will.”

The most interesting part about that joke is that I have heard it told both ways. When Mormons tell it, it is about the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I tell that joke because it is good to be proficient in more than one cult group. It is wise to be prepared to speak to Jehovah’s Witnesses about Mormonism and vice-versa because you can often make a point about the other religion that would never be accepted if you applied it directly to the religion of the person to whom you are speaking. We leave it up to the Holy Spirit to make the connection.

Tonight begins four weeks of teaching on the Jehovah’s Witnesses. We will discuss the basics tonight. In the coming weeks, Keith will do a role play on how to answer the attacks of the Watchtower on the resurrection and deity of Jesus Christ.

We will be meeting at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas. Dinner is available for $5 at 6:30. Class will start at 7:00 and will conclude at 8:30. We will be meeting in room C-132. Childcare is provided. Bring a friend!

5 thoughts on “Four Weeks Of Teaching about Jehovah’s Witnesses”

    1. Great idea, Russ. I just need someone to set it all up for me. I am SO swamped with stuff right now, I don’t have the time to do it all myself.

  1. I agree. If it’s not recorded, no worries, but if it happens to be, and later put up, that would be gold. Just my 2 cents 🙂

  2. Keith, I wish I could attend . Thanks for helping equip Christians to apply 1 Pt 3:15
    in their lives . When followers of false prophets come to our door step they come with
    nothing we need , so if we ignore them then unfortunately they leave without hearing
    what they so desperately need —- a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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