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Moldova Journal # 6

After class on Tuesday, I went to go visit Tania and Adela. Tania use to work for the Gospel of John missions and one of her responsibilities was to arrange for my airlines tickets. Adela is a former student of mine and has recently returned from her first trip to the US. Her first language is Romanian, but she also speaks Russian and English. On past trips I have used her as a translator because she speaks all three languages well. She use to have long, long dark hair (she’s the one of the left), but as you can see, she has cut it.

Tania and Adela use to live in a flat owned by the Gospel of John, but now Tania lives with her parents and Adela recently moved in because she just got back from the US. We visited for a few hours and then I had to get back for the evening meeting that I taught on Mormonism.

Moldova Journal # 5

These two pictures are of my students taking their first quiz. From left to right, they are, Pasha (Paul). He has been a believer for 11 years, is a missionary to Muslims and likes ice cream with jelly or caramel in it.

Olesya is the quietest student in the class. She has been a believer for seven years, is in the children’s ministry and likes vanilla ice cream.

Anna is probably one of my smartest students. She has been a believer for six years, is involved with the youth ministry at likes “fruity” ice cream.

Olga K. is the girlfriend of Yura who was in the very first class that Becky and I taught in the year 2000. She is easily the most vocal student in the class. Not in a bad way though. She is also involved in the youth ministry and likes chocolate ice cream.

Nina has been a believer for five years, is involved in the children’s ministry and likes vanilla ice cream with fruit mixed in it.

Olga T. has been a believer for five years, is involved in the children’s ministry and likes vanilla ice cream. Speaking of ice cream, here in Moldova it doesn’t come in cardboard boxes like in the States. It comes in these plastic tubes shaped like Jimmy Dean sausage tubes. They just squeeze it out into your bowl.

Moldova Journal # 4

Our first year teaching here, I met a young boy named Genia. The English name would be Eugene. He was interested in the drums so after church, I showed him a few things on the drums. It seemed like all of the little kids liked to hang out near the drums. Now, seven years later, Genia is 18 years old and plays drums with the worship team. He is already a much better drummer than I am. That was cool to see.

Moldova Journal # 3

I am sorry that I have not been keeping up with my blogging. Between my responsibilities here, e-mailing my family and trying to journal, it has been difficult. Today was a good day though and I got caught up on a lot of stuff. I should have more posts up in the next few days.

For today, I wanted to show you a picture of Moldovan soup. I guess this country prides itself in their salads and their soup. I tell you what, it is nothing like we have in the US. Now this is a soup!

Moldovan Baptism Video

HA! I finally got the baptism video up. There is more than one way to skin a cat!