Part 1: Keith Walker on Viewpoint On Mormonism Podcast

Keith and Bill Black and White
Bill McKeever and Keith Walker at the 2008 EMNR Conference at Midwest Baptist Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri.

Earlier this year I was interviewed by Bill McKeever of Mormonism Research Ministry. We discussed the Impossible Gospel of Mormonism as taught in General Conference Addresses.

If you want to learn how to witness to your Mormon family and friends, this valuable approach can be very helpful. Click here for part one. Parts two through five will be posted each day of this work week.

6 thoughts on “Part 1: Keith Walker on Viewpoint On Mormonism Podcast”

  1. Funny, a big part of this lesson was on the importance of defining terms. I asked you Keith to define the word God in the last exchange on this site and never did get an answer.

    I would love to submit a list of terms to be defined, and will, if I ever get a definition for that one.

  2. I don’t know how to find it. Do you have a citation index app for your posts? It really doesn’t matter, does it?

    The question is, how do you define the word “God?”

    1. Citation Index? Does WordPress have a pluggin for that?

      Yes, it does make a difference. I want to keep posts on topic as much as possible. It looks like your comment got buried under a mound of other posts which have yet to be moderated.

      For instance, your question about defining God would be of topic here. This is about the Impossible Gospel of Mormonism.

  3. Found it:

    on September 24, 2013 at 10:17 pm said:

    If it is a yarn, it’s not mine. Check it out on Wikipedia.

    Christ spoke to unbelievers in parables to confound them, because hearing they hear not and seeing they see not. In at least one instance, when he was straight with the pretenders, they quit following him.

    Anyway, let’s make the discussion more edifying than quibling. Please define the word God, as you understand it, so we can see what the Bible teaches about man becoming God, ok?

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