Does Mormonism Really Teach That Faithful Mormons Receive Their Own Planets?

keith-walkerThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently published an article on its web site titled, “Becoming Like God.” This is the latest of a series of articles meant to explain away some of the more controversial doctrinal and historical problems faced by the Mormon Church today. This article has created a firestorm of disagreement in the media. Well known papers like the New York Post, Mail Online, ABC News, US News and NBC News have all posted articles regarding this matter.

On March 3rd, 2014, Reporter Morgan Lee of The Christian Post wrote also wrote an article concerning this issue titled, Mormon Church Dispels Myth That Believers Get Their Own Planet After They Die.” I was concerned that this doctrine was called a “myth” in the title and “heresy” in the actual article. I wasn’t sure if Lee meant that the doctrine is considered heresy by Mormons or Christians so I contacted her to ask for some clarification. I also wanted to read a couple of quotes to her from Mormon Church teaching manuals which do indeed confirm that Mormons are taught this idea and that it is called doctrine.

To Lee’s credit, she immediately saw the problem and asked if I would be willing to submit something to her editor which would explain that the Mormon Church really does teach this doctrine. My article was accepted and The Christian Post printed it today. It can be read here. Be sure to THANK them for allowing me to clarify this misunderstood doctrine of the LDS Church.

Feel free to comment here, on The Christian Post web site or both.

3 thoughts on “Does Mormonism Really Teach That Faithful Mormons Receive Their Own Planets?”

  1. Keith, I think it is very obvious that this teaching has to be publically downplayed or denied
    altogether because it hinders their attempt to seen as just another christian church in the
    neighborhood etc . The church P.R. Dept cleverly uses words in such a way so that it
    appears non-Mormons have made a doctrine up and pinned it on Mormon leaders .

    May the Mormon people dismiss their leaders , they don’t need these men . Matt 24:11

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