Brigham Young In General Conference 2013

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear Brigham Young in General Conference?

We have a treat for you for this year’s General Conference. Brigham Young will be  preaching portions of his selected sermons. I have only seen short clips of this project when it was in production so I greatly look forward to viewing the final product. If it is like anything else that Bart Pascoal has done, you will not want to miss it. You can learn more about this project and the other works of MormonInfo Graphics here.

A word to our Mormon readers about General Conference. Do you really believe that the words of your prophets in General Conference are the words of God? I mean really and truly believe it? If so, then what you will see and hear in this dramatic reenactment of THE WORDS OF GOD as spoken through his PROPHET Brigham Young IN GENERAL CONFERENCE must also be truth. If you claim that the words of your prophets in Conference today are the words of God, then you must also believe the “words of God” spoken in General Conference through Brigham Young in his day.

If you find yourself opposed to some of what Brigham Young said, again, in General Conference, then you have to ask yourself why you should believe the words spoken in General Conference today. If both prophets are speaking the word of God, you simply cannot take one without the other. If, somehow, you can convince yourself of the contradictory view that the words of Brigham Young do not apply to us today, then the following graphic is what you are really saying.

3 thoughts on “Brigham Young In General Conference 2013”

  1. Keith, I think it would be great idea for the current Mormon leadership to read B. Y.’s
    ( and his officers ) sermons at this coming Conference . Hopefully this would cause
    many LDS to see where they’ve detoured from the true gospel and return to the true
    officers in Jesus’ church and stay with what they taught about God, salvation , etc.
    Paul in 2 Tim 4:3-4 was referring to latter days apostles like B.Y.
    The Mormon people are decent people who have been detoured by false apostles
    into embracing an imitation gospel of salvation .

  2. Sam, it’s great to see that many are discovering what Jesus foretold would happen
    in the latter days [ Matt 24:11 ] has indeed come true with the advent of Mormon
    prophets/ apostles . These LDS are returning to anchor their lives /beliefs in the
    teachings of those men who Jesus originally sent out proclaim salvation —Rom 1:16 .
    Brigham Young was a false prophet who taught false doctrines [ Heb 13:9 ] , and there
    is safety in rejecting him .

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